This project is a hundred-year old green renovation in the heart of Boulder, at the corner of Mapleton and 13th Street. Jacques Juilland, owner of Habilis DesignBuild, did all of the design and construction for the renovation.

The heating and cooling system features geothermal, hydronic radiant floor heating, and a premium forced-air duct system for cooling. The heart of the system is a WaterFurnace Synergy3D heat pump, which can provides hot water for radiant heat, warm air for heating the upper floor, and cool air for cooling, all from a single unit.

We worked closely with Jacques on this project to maintain the original aesthetic while at the same time completely modernizing the heating and cooling.

Interestingly, the home was recently featured on a television program in Tajikistan that covers renewable energy. The resulting documentaries/news series will air in prime time on the national TV channel that reaches 90% of the country. They will give the Tajik viewer a comprehensive picture of how rural communities, ordinary families, and businesses benefit from the use of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind and geothermal.