This home features the most advanced and energy-efficiency heating, cooling, and ventilation system available. Four 250’ deep boreholes in the driveway use the natural heat stored in the earth to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summertime, in addition to providing preheating for domestic hot water. Heat is distributed with hydronic radiant floor heat, the most comfortable type of heating available. Radiant heat provides constant temperatures, no hot or cold spots, still air, and no contaminants from heating ducts. Higher relative humidity in the winter contributes to healthier occupant respiratory systems and fewer seasonal colds and flu. The system is quiet, invisible, and imposes no restrictions with furniture placement or decorating.

A high-efficiency gas-fired boiler provides supplemental / emergency heat on the coldest days, as well as serving as the primary domestic hot water heater in conjunction with an indirect tank. At 96% efficiency, there is a plentiful supply of hot water at an efficiency higher than that of even tankless gas water heaters.

A Broan heat recovery ventilator, integrated into the cooling duct system, can provide a constant supply of fresh outdoor air. Heat recovery ventilation systems provide a controlled way of ventilating a home while minimizing energy loss. They reduce the costs of heating ventilated air in the winter by transferring heat from the warm inside air being exhausted to the fresh (but cold) supply air. In the summer, the inside air cools the warmer supply air to reduce ventilation cooling costs.