Geothermal Energy Drilling Longmont

Blue Valley Energy specializes in geothermal installation and drilling. Our past projects include vertical loops, horizontal “slinky” loops, and even pond loops. Geothermal drilling can pose complications if you don’t know what you’re doing.  We have the training and years of experience to handle any type of drilling required.

Geothermal boreholes are not water wells. They are similar in that they are drilled into the earth, but their final installation is nothing like a water well. Blue Valley is your expert in geothermal boreholes—not just general drilling work.  The depth of the bore hole and number of loops required for drilling will be reviewed with you by a geothermal drilling design specialist and one of our HVAC engineers. These types of decisions vary by area, soil type, and climate.  You can count on Blue Valley’s expertise in local geothermal drilling.


We’ve got you covered for any geothermal project from concept to completion:

  • Drilling Engineering and Planning Process
  • Coordination of Drilling Work—Site Preparation, Drilling Rigs, Installation Crews
  • All Boreholes are Grouted for Heat Transfer
  • All Geothermal Drilling Supervised by Trained & Qualified Technicians

Thermal Conductivity testing is required for design and installation of a geothermal system in Colorado. Blue Valley Energy can drill the borehole, install geothermal loop system and grout the borehole.  We work with the leading testing companies to ensure accurate test results.

Whether your lot is a large commercial site in the plains or a small lot high in the mountains, we have the tools to get the a boreholes drilled.  And, of course, all geothermal drilling and loop installation meets IGSHPA standards.